Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mr William 'fluffs' it - again!

Mr William ‘fluffs’ it – again!

Good Morrow dear and possibly dieting and detoxed reader,

I hope you have had a good ‘clean out’ this January, I mean psychologically, not colonically; although if you listen to Paul McKenna, he reckons he can sort out everything for you. Mind you, if you buy all the ‘fix your life’ stuff, the biggest ‘clean out’ will be in your wallet! I’ll talk it all out with my life-coach, Ida Nissue. By the way, I think the colonic reference above was some sort of Freudian slip, as I will try to explain as delicately as an ol’ codger like myself can. You see, it made me laugh when I heard that ‘They’ had stopped some geezer selling a chunk of Saddam’s Hussein’s ass. Well, with my hearing, I thought we were in Burke and Hare territory, when it became clear it was a fragment of his statue. Surely, even for the low-down dictator this was a ‘bum’ deal? That was definitely ‘rock bottom’ for him!

Also I got a letter today about energy saving in the home, you know, all that green stuff to make sure polar bears have a bit of ice to stand on and sea-levels don’t swamp us; you can rest easy though, reader, as yours truly lives on a hill. So that’s all right then. At any rate, saving energy saves ‘green’ stuff for the punter anyway in our bills (See what I did there? No? Please yourselves!) Anyway, the letter reminded me of my little saying, “If you don’t insulate the attic, you’re only warming the birds’ asses and not your own!” Talking about money and loo-related matters, I remember an old aunt always used to ask us children if we wanted ‘to spend a penny’. Not being an expert in euphemism at age 6, I took her literally and jumped at the idea. You can imagine our mutual confusion, when I stood with my hand out and she said it was first on the left!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently. (Dangerous, I know. Even Einstein, who reckoned everything was ‘relative’, would be relatively miffed now that there is this ‘speed of light’ debate. Those boffins and their collider. Have they nothing better to do? Can’t they get a hobby?) I was thinking about Darwin’s little ideas about this and that and it occurred to me that something rings true. If one’s nearest relative is an ape, I can certainly see how that can be, when I look at my hairy son-in-law. His knuckles definitely scrape the ground! Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, so to speak!

By the by, have I told you I’m 87? A chap of my vintage (and not an ol’ goat, as some might see me) needs a little time to think things over. For example, I’m a little ambiguous at present, or is that ambivalent? (As they say in ‘Big Brother’, you decide!) You see, it says on the telly that there may be ‘cut price’ cosmetic surgery ads. Not good, but then they might do a 2 for 1 deal on boobs. I like to keep abreast of these things. I think the heating in my ‘home for the partially bewildered’ is set too high and that is making me dozy. (No comments, please!) My daughter said I could open a window, but I told her that would mean getting out of my cosy armchair. Trouble is I can’t get out of bed at a quarter past dawn as I used to and that has shortened the days.

Coming back to ‘bottoms’, I had a ‘wet bottom’ moment the other day-very innocent, but there was collateral damage. I slurped, sorry savoured a glass of red wine and when I put it on the table, I noticed the glass had a wet bottom and when I went to wipe it, I toppled the bally thing onto the cream carpet. Why did the rellies not get me a red carpet to save any bother? My cleaner kindly came round and scrubbed my rug. (It’s all in your own minds!) Talking about things red, mine’s red and bendy-the new table lamp. What did you think I meant?

Anyway, at my age you sometimes see things through a glass darkly, especially if it’s a particularly fine ruby red cabernet.  My younger daughter, on that score, got me a lovely picture of the grandchildren set inside a glass ornament. How they did that I don’t know, but I’m glad they did! Her kids are 3,5 and 7. Funny names, but at least they are all in their ‘prime’! Just kidding!

Never mind the red things, I must tell you about the brown incident. Well, I came into my apartment with my shopping and left a bar of dark choc on the armchair for later. Did I mention it is hot in the place? Anyway, a few hours later I sat on it and was sure I’d had a ‘wikileak’ of some sort. I, of course, was wearing my best white trousers. When I discovered the source and mourned the ‘Bourneville’ loss, I checked the trousers and reckoned all was pristine. Trouble was my eyesight is dodgy. I blame the new red light. You see, next day I went to the son-in-law’s to ask him to look over a document. (He needs something to keep him out of mischief. It never works though!) When I turned to leave, I heard him chortle and say that I had a brown ass. I explained about ‘chocgate’, but the damage was done. Just wait till he’s 87, so that I can mock him, the prat! Sadly his dog ate my document during the kafuffle. Hey-ho! That was me really in the brown stuff!

Any road, there are plusses and minuses about being ancient, dear reader. You can develop selective hearing. (Mind you, most men start to learn this shortly after they enter a long-term relationship!) Anyway, I was in church and the rev. was bombarding us with ‘Romans’, the book not some Italian guys. I felt he was preaching at us and went into selective deaf-con 1. I nodded sagely as he lambasted us about dodgy morals and thought, rather appropriately I thought, that ‘When in Rome etc.’. I was being mischievous, I know, but you can be at my advanced stage. People just say you’re a ‘character’, for instance when I pipe up at the Bible study. Well, everyone else was keeping schtumm, but I did fox the vicar with my searing insight, when I commented that the ‘streets of heaven paved with gold’ would not last long round our way! Like a good bank should, I always create a good bit of interest for the punters!

I must go shortly as it’s my time for the laundry and I have trousers to scrub. Can I share something, reader? At my stage, I don’t want much. I just want to go out gallivanting instead of scrubbing. I know my mind, but just can’t remember what I know. I stand my ground, if a little unsteadily, and can definitely say no to everything- except of course to a lady or temptation. By the way, how am I going to fix this? I love my music and I love ladies. So I combined the two and started buying CDs by lovely ladies. Trouble is with my ‘goldfish’ memory, I now have 4 of the same CD by Katherine Jenkins. I’ll have to do a car-boot sale. That reminds me. I have a reserved parking space out front and some nosey ‘parker’ crossed my line. I have to admit there’s not ‘mushroom’ for error, as they say. You’d never catch me ‘crossing the line’. Not knowingly anyway.

Before I go, I must put in a word for wee Norn Irn (Northern Ireland). Well done to our golfers, who have meant that ‘Irish Open’ for business in 2012. We’re really into our swing with this and the Titanic centenary. As my son-in-law always says when I go to the pond, “Drop in anytime!” You’ll find a great welcome along with our quirkiness. We have a town called ‘Effin’ and have invented a fab new swear word, ‘fecking’. Yes, really!

Anyway, off to the laundry. I have washday blues (browns this week). My slot for the slot machines is 1 to 3pm today and my daughter is getting me to go solo. She has written out a ‘dummies’’ guide (No comments!), including turning right when I come out of the lift! I put it in a ‘safe’ place and then couldn’t find it. I’m just off the phone with her and she gave me the gen again. She made some obtuse reference to Frank Spencer in “Some Mothers do ‘ave them!” She said the main things were to press ‘start’(Did she think I would press the one marked ‘explode’? Don’t answer that!) and I should also get the fluff out. To what, pray, was she alluring? My tummy button or what? What the heck is lint? Anyway, wish me luck!

Yours holding the line, but occasionally ‘fluffing’ it,

The blogging Gogfather

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  1. I love it! My dear dad died a few years ago in his 80s, looking like 60s, great physically, but the memory was getting a bit dodgy. He used to make some funny observations about aging, so I'm really going to love reading your blog!