Monday, 27 September 2010

Mr William might go on the Pill!

Momentous Monday to you, dear reader,                                   

Did you hear or read about this 'pill' some Russian scientists have come up with? No, not the kind of thing my title may have implied. ( I am naughty, aren't I?) No, it's a pill that they claim will dramatically extend a person's life, for up to decades, and what's more, you will be healthy. Now, I'm not kidding you, but don't ask me for more details of how it could work, 'cos I haven't a baldy clue.
 Two things come to mind, though. It's not fully tested and what on earth might the side-effects be? Also, would you want to live indefinitely, even if you had your health and some of your marbles? Surely, this raises all sorts of ethical and moral questions, not to mention religious issues! Can you hold back nature and time, and should you?
I'm 86 years young and my favourite thing is to drink tea and eat ginger nut biscuits in my armchair? Do I want to do that for a hundred more years? When I was young there was no TV, now something called an 'eye-pad' is flying off shelves and a guy who has made a book of 'faces' is a billionaire! Which reminds me, Google is 12--Happy Birthday, but take down the 'Suicide pact' sites straightaway, if you have any integrity! Even the Pope has to be fashionable. Says he loves his 'red Prada' shoes! Would you Adam and Eve it? Suppose I can't talk, what with my shiny red 'Peepmobile'!
One group of people who are hoping and praying for long life are the 'trapped Chilean miners'. I hope and pray they are rescued soon. The UK Labour Party are struggling to hold on to life by electing Milliband the Embryo as their leader. I am sure his older brother is chuffed for him!
Let me know what you think about the long life 'miracle pill'. I suppose it would allow me to twirl my handlebar moustache at the ladies for a few more decades. Got to maintain my matinee idol status. You could do an on-line poll as to whether you want me around for an other century or so?
Tell you what, I'm off to google this pill and offer to be a 'guinea-pig' Wish me luck?

Yours in anticipation of many more decades of fun

The blogging Gogfather!

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