Thursday, 11 November 2010

Mr William and his 'Remembrance of Things Past'

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A Thoughtful Remembrance Day Thursday to you, dear Reader,

What's your memory like? Mine's a bit 'hit and miss', now that I'm an octogenarian. Yes, I tend to hit all my furniture with my shins and miss important appointments, all due to my patchy memory. I go into rooms and can't remember why. I make notes to remind myself of things
and then lose the note. 
The Bard asked, 'What's in a name?'. Well, a lot, especially if you find it hard to recall anyone's name, when you meet them. I'm reduced to calling everyone, 'Darling', like Craig 'Revile' Horwood. Some like it, even some of the men, but I do it to cover up the fact that their names have escaped me (along with my 'inhibition' chip, according to my daughter. It escaped years ago!).
By the way, did you know that Anton du Beke, yes, Brucie's wannabe love-child off Strictly Come Dancing, was christened Anthony Beech. Well, stars are always doing that to give themselves a bit of glamour, aren't they? Wonder what Lady Gaga was called at birth? Goo goo gaga? Ha, made myself laugh there! To be honest,though, I am in a serious frame of mind. I have just stood for the Remembrance Day 'silence' and I don't feel flippant. You see, I remember a few things really clearly. Firstly, the horrors and futility of war, including unforgiveable crimes like the 'Holocaust'. My problem right now, though, is not my patchy memory, but the patches of ground that will have to be dug for future victims of war and violence, if we don't learn the lessons of history. Of course, we should protest and stand up for what is right in life and society. Of course, dictatorships should be opposed, but military responses should be appropriate and compassionate.

For example, was it right to invade Iraq with the endless death and destruction it wreaked, and the resulting tension between East and West? Is George 'Dubya' Bush right to try to justify torture of prisoners? History teaches us that we have to only engage in a 'just war' and treat our enemies and prisoners fairly, if we are to retain any moral high ground; or else dear reader, what is it all about? Oscar Wilde talked of 'being in the gutter, but looking up at the stars'. Well, we have to be clear as to when we are simply wallowing in the gutter and when we are truly aspiring to reach the heights that the human spirit can achieve. Just look at the 'Pride of Britain Awards' and try not to be moved and inspired!

All you 'students of life' out there will have seen how some 'students' behaved yesterday in London. It may have been hijacked and I believe in peaceful protest, but what good did violence and criminal damage ever do for a cause if you want to win over 'hearts and minds'? All of us should be students of history and learn to 'study war no more'! I want to hear apologies for violence and war, not apologists! What do you think? We want fairness for all in society. Maybe the 'Condems' who have a  right to condemn the attack on their HQ could strive to help us all create a fair society. Perhaps, they could start with being very careful how they treat the poor and vulnerable in the coming years?

Well, I will leave it there. I'm sure I'll be more chirpy tomorrow, but I think sometimes we have to be serious about what is important to us all as humans. By the way, have you seen my glasses? I set them down somewhere...

Yours slightly hazily but clearly focused

The blogging Gogfather

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