Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bring Me Sunshine!

Good Morning, World,
I have been looking and listening again. I see the BBC Licence Fee may be cut. I thought sacking the very talented and highly paid Jonathan Ross would have done the trick, clearly not.
Wonder if Paul, the World Cup psychic octopus, could tell me if it will be sunny today. Apparently, he is considering a transfer to another aquarium. At least he can sign the contract with his own ink. Just thinking, is he right or left tentacled?
No sunshine in prospect for charities. Coalition will probable cut their funding in an arbitrary manner, just because they can!
Bright future for Prince of Belair's son, Jaden. The new Karate Kid is a 'chop off the old block'!
Not so bright #bb11 Barbie and Ken ie JJ and Jose. Could they just wise up and get on with it?Good thing the human race is not depending on them!
I'm following the Open Golf. I can just hear Morecambe and Wise singing, 'Bring me Sunshine'. Today, I am looking forward to seeing a bevy of birdies, on the golf course. (It's all in your mind). All they want today is a light 'following' wind. Tiger wants to play around, sorry play a round worthy of his talent. A South African is leading-good summer for his nation. Three super Northern Ireland players, Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell and Darren Clarke. We're used to rotten weather!
Just one gripe from this gog, which clouds my unusually sunny disposition. The golf commentators keep calling any over 50 'old'. What?
Anyway, signing off. If you don't like sport, don't panic I'm not fixated by it either. Hope to amuse you with all I see and hear from my armchair.
Wish you all a bright and positive day!
The Gogfather will now snooze.

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