Friday, 16 July 2010

New Trick for Old Gog

Hello World

I am a full-time Gog (grumpy ol' git) and part-time guru to the stars. What I want to do is share my daily thoughts on what I have seen and heard around me.

My eyesight and hearing are terrible and so, sometimes my insights are a little quirky. For example, today Jordan strangled her new song on GMTV. She seemed to be on 40 inch heels and had a beaver on her head and yet she didn't come up to the presenter's navel. Also, she seemed to have sprayed on some leggings as well, she'll never get those off.!

The view from my armchair is that Take That are fortunate that Robbie can sing and 'relight a few fires'. Imagine, if Jordan was in your band?

Shock news that Brits behave badly abroad. Hope they didn't spend much money on that survey!

Finally, well done to Derry/Londonderry for 'City of Culture'. Great news. They were up the walls with anticipation.

Well, folks, drop in anytime. I am 86, own teeth, still have some of my marbles and aim to amuse.

Have a good day!


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