Friday, 23 July 2010

Money Slips through my Fingers

Hello and a Prosperous Friday to you

They say money makes the world go around. You can earn it, spend it, lose it and beg, borrow and steal it, and more besides. The Bible says that the love of it is the root of all evil. Nevertheless, we all have to deal with it.
Personally, it slips through my fingers like water. It don't know where it goes. My accounting system is a little bit haphazard. Basically, I bung some readies in my back pocket and when they run out, I take my wheelbarrow down to the bank to get my pension. Sometimes, I have to rob Peter to pay Paul, but mostly, I get by. Mind you, my car insurer must think I'm a Formula1 driver, when I see the premium!
With the Credit Crunch, everyone is looking round for ways to save and get through. I see the Coronation Street cat's ashes are being auctioned for charity. Hopefully, this will help the 'kitty'! I feel a certain affinity  for the cat as it's name was 'Frisky'. They say we all have a double somewhere!
Some countries are using novel ways to pay off their deficits. Rumour is that Spain only won the World Cup  so that they could send in the trophy to Cash for Well, it's a bit different!
In UK, it now seems clear that traffic cameras are only effective as money-makers for the government. It may not clear the national debt, but it raises a fortune for the coffers and does little for accident statistics. You could say that cameras are something to 'focus' on!
Cameron, meanwhile, proves, if we needed proof, that the best education that money can buy, isn't all it should be. He reckoned that Britain was the junior partner in WW2 during 1940. Mr C.'s report card reads 'needs to do better'. Hope his maths are better or we're all up the Swanee!
Here's my recipe about money. Try not to worry about it. Take up 'Laughter-cise'-yes it's real and you get what it says on the tin. You do laughter exercises with a so-called expert and then you and your wallet get lighter!. It is dubbed 'Ho-ho dieting. You fake it, fake it, till you make it'! I tell jokes to my family, but they mostly laugh at me when I'm not trying to be funny. Such is life!

Yours impecuniously and yet generously

The Gogfather

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