Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mr William is a High Flier

Thundering Thursday to you all!
As you may know by now, yours truly is one of life's high fliers. Trouble is that does not stretch to air travel. I'm more a 'Black Hawk Down'  rather than Biggles sort of a guy!
 Every time I agree to fly(not by flapping my arms, you understand- just the usual way, although I still harbour a wish to do the James Bond airpack, but I digress), I forget my diabolical mistrust of planes to stay in the air. I have to travel by day so that I can be an unofficial navigator for the pilot. The stewardess assures me it is not needed. Last time, I was waiting for a flight and told my daughter I was so nervous, I would be white knuckled and praying all the way. Mind you, she bought me a beer to calm my fevered brow and before I knew it, I was offering to fly the crate myself. I'm nothing if not inconsistent! Mind you, if the Ryanair boss does start charging for comfort breaks, it'll cost me a fortune! Anyway, I have to fly now and then, 'cos I'm not Steve Redgrave and just can't row the Channel like I used to! At least Stelios is trying to keep Easyjet flights on time -Nothing worse than waiting around to fly, at least the dentist's chair is on terra cotta!
Want to tell you about some high fliers and some who are just full of hot air. Cameron has flown off for a top flight delegation to the Indian Sub-continent. Good landing for his Passage to India and then he goes off the runway into controversy, by annoying Pakistan. You would think a tory toff could be more diplomatic? Hope this doesn't come back to get him up the Kyber Pass!
Working high fliers don't want to retire at 65. Some ageist types have said the older employees will be found  snoozing at their desks and forgetting what day it is. I think that is unfair. I'm 86 and I never drift off during my blog............sorry about that...and everyone knows this is November 1st, so we will have no more of the age stuff. Especially as we are remembering the great Ivy Bean, the oldest Twitter blogger, who died at the age of 104. Maybe she will continue pioneering by tweeting form heaven? Much missed!
Ultimate high-flier, Arnie, has said that California is going bust, but under his leadership, 'It will be baaack!'
Reliably dodgy flier, Education Minister Gove blows his whistle today and  delights us with this. 'Rich thick kids do better than poor bright pupils' Obviously, smart money still talks!
Athletic high-flier, Usain Bolt, 'The Lightning Bolt', is the World's fastest man. He says he might change things around a bit in the 2012 Olympics.- maybe even have a go at the long jump. Funnily enough, he reminds me of me- must be my doppelganger!
That royal high-flier, Prince Charles is so 'green' that he is giving away the curtains at Clarence House to have them recycled as plastic bags- eco-chic! You couldn't make it up!
Finally, this high flier is glad to hear that the government are stopping Asbos. I was worried I might get one(not as you might think for for my edgy blogging) but for my habit of singing songs from the shows at full volume, when I am in the bath. Everyone's a critic! Well, I'm off to tune up for my next aria.

Yours musically yet flying high

The blogging Gogfather

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