Sunday, 18 July 2010

Coming out of my Shell

Happy Sunday to All,

Something got me thinking about chickens and eggs, but I can't figure out which came first! You know, the chicken or the egg? I suppose the fact that I have been minding some chickens for a few days and I also saw a  documentary about chickens the other day. Did you know they have better eyesight  than us humans? Certainly a darn sight better than mine. Also, they are the closest descendant of the T-Rex dinosaur. Blimey, I will be more wary of them in future!

I resemble chickens in some ways- it's easy to ruffle my feathers, I can't fly and I stick my beak in everywhere. I will leave the analogy there, before you want to wring my neck! Eggsactly!
Church today. It was no 'yoke'. Although I have 'oldtimers'' disease, ie a little forgetful, I still know my Peters and Queens of Sheba, when it comes to the Bible. I don't want to hear a simple Bible study as a sermon. What I want is to be eye-balled by the preacher, like it used to be. I want to feel challenged and under pressure, like he has been reading my mind and my blogs-oops! Then I can feel guilty and get back on the 'straight and narrow'. Anyway, sermon over for today.

I'll simply tell you about some 'naughty' eggs and then some good ones. Firstly, Woods (the one with egg all over his face--I'll leave it there), looks like he hasn't enough Tiger in his tank. He's been off course for a while! Paris Hilton has been detained for Marijuana possession. Went for walk in the park and didn't notice the sign, 'Keep off the Grass'?

Saw some good eggs on Jonathan Wossy's last BBC TV show. Wossy had a tear in his eye, Micky Rourke had putty on his face--what ? He can't really look like that, can he? Jackie Chan is a medical miracle and David Beckham makes people go weak at the knees, some of them women!

Well anyway, time to snooze, but remember this. You have to break lots of eggs to make an omelette, especially if you are a crap chef!
Yours, the Gogfather 

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