Monday, 19 July 2010

Mr William has his Eyes Wide Shut?

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Good Monday to You All

I will start and end with humour, but I have some things on my mind today. More later.
To tickle the funny bone, I had my eyes wide open when they mentioned a new service today called Rent-a-Friend. Nothing seedy, just what it says on the tin. I asked myself though, would someone you're paying by the hour tell you what you need to hear, rather than what you want to hear!
I could also get a lunchtime 'boob job' now. I'll bear that in mind! Also Take That and Robbie may open the London Olympics. Will they attempt the World Synchronised Swimming record?
Today was eventful for me. My bath drain blocked and I had to buy a turbo or trouser snake or something to fix it!
Goldtrail customers stuck abroad. Some people say they are not getting help 'ATOL'!

Here's what is bugging me today. I've been through war. It's horrible! I am glad to see the 'Fromelles' soldiers are being honoured, but here's the thing, how many of us know how many soldiers and civilians have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan this week, and if not, why not? Is it just an unpleasant news item before we check our Facebook?
David Cameron says he wants a 'Big Society'-the government spreads out to the people. Well, here goes. Get the troops home as soon as possible, tell the Banks to stop ripping us off, tell the education minister to stop diverting money to posh academies, instead of repairing and improving the mainstream schools! I see that 17% of school leavers are functionally illiterate and can barely text their name! Obviously not being 'comprehensively' educated! Stella Macartney should be worried that posh-schooled kids might be too hoity-toity. The tories have shown us again how out of touch they are with ordinary people!

Plus, patches are being trialled instead of jabs. You can't put a patch on everything, Mr Cameron! Finally on my rant, a new survey says that women are most beautiful at age 31. Well, I may be a gog, but that is sexist, ageist and downright annoying! Maybe too many of us have our eyes wide shut to what is horrible and what is beautiful?  Rant over, but I see and hear everything from my armchair and I will give my opinion!

Finally, my dears, I tried to buy a kneepad or laptop or whatever today and the salesman checked his screen and said I didn't exist. I asked him to check again and he found me in the ethernet. Thank goodness for that and honour was satisfied(Lucky ol' honour!)
I'm off now.Ranting is tiring. Speak to you tomorrow.

Yours, the Gogfather

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