Thursday, 22 July 2010

You can't buy Health?

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A Healthy Thursday to you all,

We all want to be fit and healthy, don't we, but it is a bit of a lottery. A survey just out says that half the UK population will be obese by 2050. It doesn't say if they have started the overeating or whether they will wait until say 2048 and start to binge. Also, it doesn't tell us what the other half will be doing. Perhaps they will have heeded the warnings and be eating a carrot while riding an exercise bike. They may or may not live longer, but it will be so boring, it will certainly feel like an eternity!
The enlightened government response in the UK was to sell off school playing fields and now they write letters to the parents of primary school kids 'labelling' them as feeders of obese children. This has to be the 'thin edge of the wedge'!
Police have little chance now of staying fit, as it has been revealed that only 10% are available for duty on the streets at any one time. 'Beat' that for a shocking statistic!
In local news here, it emerges that senior citizens in Belfast hospitals have little chance of overeating as, shockingly they come out of care in a malnourished state. That is a disgrace. Belfast Health Trust- sort it out!

My own keep fit and healthy regime, as I have described it before is a judicious mix of wine, women and song, although I am cutting down on the singing due to complaints by so-called music loving neighbours. Everyone's a critic!
Today, as usual, I will go out to lunch at a local eatery and delight the waitresses with my timeless banter. I know they look forward to it, because I see them gathering in a group pow-wow when one of them spies me arriving. The first one will have given the signal, something like, 'Oh good, it's Mr William!' I think that is what they say, then in the ensuing scrum, they decide which one has the honour of waiting on me. Ah, bliss. It is great to be popular, although the waitresses do have pained expressions when they approach my table. I have come to recognise that as reverence and awe!
I think healthiness is a lot about attitude. I am mostly ecstatically happy and positive, even though I have been opened up more times than a handbag. You have to have perseverance through the pain barrier, as my life coach, Ivor Gotta-Nancer always says.
Finally, a novel way to health and good fortune has emerged today.-Metal detecting. Yes, loads of fresh air and walking and if you are lucky, like the guy in Somerset, you can find a hoard of Roman coins and make yourself a 'mint'!
Get out there and have a good day!

Yours ecstatically,

The Gogfather
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