Monday, 26 July 2010

Going Down Memory Lane, Fast

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Momentous Monday to you all!
I'm getting really forgetful about stuff. I order things and set up subscriptions and then ring the people and give them a piece of my mind for taking money from my bank account. I think I've given away too many 'pieces of my mind'. I have to write everything down 'cos I have the memory of a goldfish. You know, it's got to the stage where I have to write everything down 'cos I've got the memory of a goldfish!
Here, before I forget, Jordan only sold 3000 copies of  her record and was booed off stage. Personally, I think Social Services should pay a visit to all the people who bought the blooming thing!
A few things have happened to me over the last few days and I can only put it down to missing grey cells! I left my walking stick in a shop-don't know how I hobbled home without it. Next day, I went in and they asked what size the stick was. I kid you not. I said, 'My size, what do you think?' Do you think they took me for a walking stick master-criminal thief- a modern day Raffles?
Last night, I was watching the Napoleonic Wars on the telly and forgot I had food cooking. I burnt the ass out of two good pots. Good thing I wasn't watching the Hundred Years' War or the place would have burnt down, along with yours truly.
Yesterday in church, the vicar forgot to stop praying. I got down on my knees, as I feel God has kindly overlooked a lot in my case, and 20 minutes later, I realized my knees had locked. I eventually struggled into my pew and think I will probably be able to stand normally in a week or two. Thankfully, I didn't have another embarrassing visit to A&E. They always smirk when I tell them the disasters that have befallen me. I must remember for the future, that I might be just too spiritual for my own good!
On Saturday, I was painting some garden furniture- more Jackson Pollock than Monet, but I think I've made a good 'impression' of being a handyman. The gardener called. I had forgotten about his visit too. Never mind. I listened to the radio news and I hope I got these things right. I didn't take a note at the time. Apparently the Queen is going onto 'Twicker' or 'Flicker' or something. She is putting on family snaps from way back. Maybe she is going down memory lane too! I'm wondering. If one wishes to view the snaps etc, how does one curtsey or bow on the internet? I can't just wear my Brucie Forsythe DVT socks and dressing gown!
Anyway, must go 'cos I think I've left something on the stove. What's that burning smell?

Yours forgetfully yet jocularly,

The blogging Gogfather

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