Tuesday, 20 July 2010

My Diary is an Open Book

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Sshh! It's Tuesday and Secret Squirrel (over to the right) and yours truly want to share some secrets with you.
I just can't keep a secret-I have to blab and I leak like a sieve, but we will not go into my little problems. (Reminds me, I must get some more 'Tenaman').
Why do we keep secrets? Some say it is to protect people, but we all know that everything comes to light some day, so what is the point? The truth may hurt, but maybe we are better hearing it.
Think of BP. Now some sort of leak about alleged deals with Libya. That leak may be more costly than the one in the Gulf! Peter Mandelson blows the lid off the Blair government and what relationships were like at the top. I think we are better knowing, but do we ever get the whole story? Mind you, Peter 'Mandy coming out' is old news!

Some more secrets revealed in news. By the sounds of it, Eamonn Holmes has let it be known that he is fed up with references to his size. Surely he has blown himself, sorry the matter out of all proportion!
Sadly, a survey reveals today, the badly kept secret that mothers cannot 'have it all' in the family/work balance. They seem to feel guilty if they work or stay at home. Surprisingly, this gog has a heart and can empathise with their dilemma.
Apple has been sharing IT's 'secret of success'. They are 'working their butts off' and providing cots in the workplace to keep production 'line' of iPhone4 at full steam. Very high tech!

Of course, as a private person, if you really want to find out what people think of you, just eavesdrop on a conversation, when you hear your name mentioned or read a close family member's diary.You know the sort of thing. You feel guilty, but you might learn something that you needed to hear about yourself.
Well, governments have a take on secrets.They just want to know everything, in case it is useful to them.
Local councils in England it seems, are prepared to stoop to searching in people's rubbish to find out about them. They say, it is for statistical information. Now that really is scaping the bottom of the barrel!

By the way, you will be glad to know that I am not a Russian lady posing as an American housewife. That would be a stretch, even for me! A glance at the internet, however, does indicate how security/ secret -conscious  the USA has become. It seems that since 9/11, there are more people with 'Top Secret' clearance in America than the population of Washington DC. Problem is that one doesn't know what the other is doing or even that they exist. Layers and layers of secrets and security, costing a fortune and is it an answer to anything? You tell me. Who is protecting whom?
So, signing off for a snooze, but think about this. Being open and honest means that you are at least taking responsibility and you are open to scrutiny. Otherwise, be sure your secrets will find you out! I will be watching and listening!

Yours sincerely,

The Gogfather

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