Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Dieting, me? A slim chance!

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Terrific Tuesday to you all!
Was watching that Paul McKenna on about changing yourself for the better and slimming until you get to your desired weight. All very hypnotic, especially in his case, and he seems to be such a nice guy. Thing is, there is a whole industry of people telling me to change myself and all of them are driving flash cars, know what I mean? As I said to my life coach, Ima Chancer, yesterday, 'What's wrong with the Mr William you see in front of you?' I might be wrong, but I thought I saw her wincing. Maybe it's time I did what she calls a life audit- a bit like an accountant's audit-boring, gonna cost you a packet and it just has to be done!
John Humphries, the journalist, says we have to 'Get better at bettering ourselves'. Maybe, but I also think we should not forget my maxim, 'Tweet Mr William's bod as his body deserves to be tweeted.' To be honest, I'm never had a problem with my weight/appearance. I think it's my genes, no not my Wranglers, you know, the one's they are always rabbitting on about? 'It's your genetic make-up,' they say, 'Like if your parents couldn't have kids, then you can't either..' I'm sure that can't be right on a number of levels, but when a specialist like mine, Prof. Ivor Double-First tells you something, you tend to take it as gospel! Anyway, I digress big-time.
My bod is like a temple, but unfortunately, a bit crumbly like the Acropolis. Main thing is, though, I've always eaten what I want, occasionally I cut back if I can't see my shoes and I never worry. I'm not built like a Greek god, but I'm confident and content, full of fun and chatty, therefore the ladies and the guys all seem to like me.
I never worried about money or ambition. If I was skint, I got on with on it, if I had a windfall, I enjoyed it. So, what I am saying is that I will give you my tips for a happy life for free. I'm not worried about making money and I won't send a book and a hypnosis dvd. I will put it in one sentence. Be content with who you are, learn to love yourself and then others. There you are. Please comment and let me know what you think?
Before I go to contemplate my navel, not in any Zen sense, I must mention the lovely kaffuffle in politics over the weekend. A good laugh is good for you. A former minister describes new government as a 'Brokeback Coalition' ala 'Brokeback Mountain- he was overheard saying this, but everyone was thinking it anyway. Is he saying, though, that the Coalition is going to shaft us all royally? It will be daylight robbery. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask and worked at night! Anyway, bye for now.
Yours meditatively yet with open shakras 
The blogging Gogfather

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