Saturday, 7 August 2010

Big Brother watches us eat our 'Food Glorious Food'

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A Sunny Saturday to you all!
Hope it is sunny where you are! Believe it or not, one of my few guilty pleasures is watching Big Brother. I like to kid myself it is a social experiment and I am analysing the psychological aspects of disparate personalities in a confined space. Yah, right! I'm like everyone else, I want to see what Sam Pepper says next and who will walk out in a strop!

Young Sam is obviously there to 'pep' things up. Trouble is, he may give the public dyspepsia and have to be unceremoniously blown out! Who wins? You decide. Unlike the excellent new Sherlock Holmes, Mr CabbagePatch or Cummerbund or whatever, I haven't a clue!
Anyway, they rang my bell the other day, when they dressed up as Dickensian characters from 'Oliver' and sang, 'Food, glorious food'!
 You see, like the glorious Mr Leslie Phillips, he of the 'Well, ding dong' variety, I actually have two passions. One, I may have allured to, is chasing after the ladies, mostly fruitlessly, but I do get some women winking at me in a suggestive manner. With my eyesight, though, I have to be cautious. Last time, it turned out the lady had something in her eye and looked most confused, when I asked her out on a date. I had to plead insanity. Sadly, she seemed to believe me! My other passion is food.
 At least it doesn't get me into diffs- no slapped wrists or angry boyfriends, but nevertheless, I think I might be obsessed by food! I tend to gobble and run, when I'm invited anywhere. I'm saying grace as they hang up my coat and when the nosh is scoffed, I'm off--no time for idle chit-chat! At home, woe betide the unwary phone or door caller, when my dindins is almost ready. They are as welcome as a you know what in a spacesuit! I have got to have my food hot, really hot. I'll make a begrudging exception for ice-cream. I used to be in India and now if the curry does not induce spontaneous combustion on contact with my mouth, it's for the bin!
I like my food fresh. In another quarter, I may have shared my problem with my freezer, in this regard. I tend to buy when I am hungry , then bung everything in the fridge and the larder. Of course, some things go off, before I get to them, so my daughter suggested using my freezer and taking things out as needed. I told her I would love to do that, only the last time I looked in there, a trout from who knows when was eyeballing me in a menacing way! I backed off and thought I would stick with my system!
Sometimes I do order fast food, although it couldn't be fast enough for me. I love some of the names for the emporia for 'Fish 'n chips'. I quite like the 'Fryer Tuck', 'The In-Plaice', and very appropriately in Northern Ireland, 'For Cod and Ulster'!
My only beef, pun intended, (not likely to miss that one, am I?) is the 'Big Brother Food Police' society we live in today. 'They' would all tell me to stop eating and drinking everything I like. They want to have 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, eat less fat, sugar, salt, minimize alcohol, never smoke and run 5 miles in a pair of shorts. Well, for Seb Coe, I am still working towards the 2012 Olympics. Today, I will please him and Big Brother by doing  a relay of recycling. This will involve several journies to my eco bin in the kitchen. got to do your bit!
I will leave the last word to the American comedian, Chris Rock, who is known for his straight from the hip talking and turning the air blue, which doesn't sound environmentally friendly, does it? He ventured onto the 'One Show', where celebs are asked their opinion about every issue on the show. You just couldn't make it up! He was asked what he thought of veganism, factory farming and green issues. Well, his response was bleeped and Christine went a funny colour! Like me, a man who knows his own mind!
Well, got to go. I've something on the stove and I wouldn't want you to outstay your welcome!
Yours gastronomically yet spicily tasteful

The blogging Gogfather
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