Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mr William has a Bad Hair Day

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A Winning Wednesday to you all!
I am definitely having what they call a 'bad hair day'. I can't get anything done and I can't find anything, including my comb! It's maybe an age thing. I write notes to remind me to do things and then I forget where I put the note. Anyway, my hair is bugging me today, and no I don't want you to take that literally. I may be ancient, but I am fastidious in my ablutions, in other words, I'm spotless.
 No, my hair has got a life of it's own today, not wildlife. The combover won't stretch over and bits are sticking up at a jaunty angle! It's a case of hair today, gone tomorrow! If this continues, I will have to talk to Brucie Forsythe or Elton about a rug or a weave. Wonder could I make one myself? Can't be that hard and it will be just as unconvincing as theirs!
Anyway, my hairdresser or what I used to call a barber's shop has mostly female stylists. Thing is, I want a simple old blokes' short back and sides. I don't mean I am simple, but I'll let you make up your own minds there! I found this place by looking for the traditional twirling red and white sign- not the Amsterdam type ones. I'll call it, 'Toupet or not Toupet', to protect the innocent and more importantly, to prevent an ear bashing , when I next go in! Incidentally, I did see a barber's once and the sign said, 'A Snip in Time'. I did a doubletake, wondering if it did minor family planning procedures in your lunch-hour!
So, the first time I frequented my tonsorial emporium, you know, the barbershop, the lady pointed me to a seat. I asked if I could wait for the male barber. She was awfully polite, as I explained my lifelong aversion to lady hairdressers trying to be creative with my barnet, but I did notice her getting a little twitchy with her scissors, when I glanced back in the mirror. All I said to the male barber was that I was glad they had retained a 'proper' male barber!
Well, I'll go down tomorrow and have a consultation with him. Have you noticed, before I head on, pun intended, that Ladies' hairdressers have inventive names. I saw 'A Cut Above' in a posh area and ironically, the 'Oldest Little Hair House' is in a less salubrious part of town. I was a little taken aback by 'Curl up and Dye'. Can you just imagine the phone call for an appointment. 'Hi, Curl up and Dye. Hardly a great start. What do the phone people at 'Hello' magazine say. 'Hello, hello'? or at 'OK', 'Hello, OK'? Very confusing!
Off now to find my comb. Need to keep my matinee idol status intact at all times!
Yours tonsorially challenged yet perfectly groomed

The blogging Gogfather
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