Sunday, 15 August 2010

Mr William wants a bit of Peace!

A Serene Sunday to you all!
As you know, I am a peace-loving sort of a gent. I prefer to negotiate and see conflict as the last resort. The only arguments I have these days are with myself and occasionally with recorded voices asking me to hold interminably during business calls! I don't want to be told that 'Your call is important to us.' If it really was that important to them, they would stick a few more staff on the phone lines!
Anyway, as Churchill once said, (Again, I do not mean the blessed dog on the tv ad), 'Jaw, jaw is better than war,war!' Well, he should know, and particularly today, on VJ day, remembering the victory over Japan in WW2, we should be moved by the largely forgotten veterans, who were starved, tortured and murdered in their millions by the Japenese. I say again that war is horrible and should be avoided if at all possible.
Well, political pundits are saying today that the UK Coalition may lead to the end of tribal politics. Hallelujah! Better to sort out differences by agreement. So, in the name reason and common humanity, why are Republican dissidents trying to take Northern Ireland back to war? Yesterday, they almost killed 3 children in an attempt to attack police-officers and derail the peace process. So, blind insane hatred and rebels without a cause and a brain cell are trying to overthrow the will of the people. Believe me, a cell with the key thrown away is the only place for them!
On this holy day, we should also remember the fallen soldiers and civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, together with the flood victims in Pakistan and the threat now posed of a cholera epidemic. Did you know that it is relatively cheap and easy to cure cholera?. It just takes support of the aid agencies and some political will! Sadly, we might all have to pray a little harder for our 'daily bread', if the Russian wheat situation worsens! Spare a thought for what the Russian people are enduring with the heat and the horrific fires!

On a lighter note, brides to be are embracing the need to buy cheaper dresses and rings, rather than shell out the average £20,000 for the big day and nuptials. My view from the armchair is that weddings had started to become mentally overblown, where couples were in danger of forgetting the simplicity, beauty and harmony of two people being in love- hopefully in some cases with each other! Ha, got you there. You thought I had gone all schmaltzy.
Well, I have decided to keep that sentimental stuff for my visit to my local Multi Movie Ripoff palace to see 'Toy Story 3'. I believe that grown men have been observed reaching for their partner's tissue and pretending they have something in their eye--yes, tears, apparently. I normally cry when I see the price of the popcorn. It's the ol' captive audience thing, or what I call, 'Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask!'
To finish today, I want to ask if you think the same way as me about the following. People say things like ,'Jobs are in jeopardy, dire staits, have gone south, up the left, down the river, in peril.' I know it's childish, but I think to myself, 'Oh, that's good, the unemployed can look there then!' Yeh, you're right, I am a big kid!' The other thing that makes me smile is the verbal, yet gauche dexterity of football pundits. Today, some reporter says in all innocence, 'That ball was like a bar of soap. It was always going to drop clean out of the goalies hands!' Bet you, he was 'sick as a parrot!'
Well, off to oil the springs on my armchair. There is a strange squeaking sound, and no, it's not me. Well, not always, anyway!
Yours amusingly yet with appropriate solemnity,

the blogging Gogfather

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