Monday, 2 August 2010

Mr William is a Dreamer

We all live in our own bubblesImage by k.barker via Flickr
Momentous Monday to you all!
Just a quick word or two about dreams today. Some people unkindly say that yours truly is just a dreamer, always in my own thought bubble. Well, I am in the sense that I think about things a lot and have many hopes for the future, even at my advanced age! Apparently, though, we all dream about 4 times every night for periods of about 20 minutes, even if we don't recall anything.
I was getting this from a dream 'expert' on the radio- Ima Fraud, I think the name was. No, I jest. Although I normally feel that 'experts' tend to state the bloomin' obvious, this one got me thinking. Please bear in mind, that what I know about dreams, you could write on the back of a postage stamp and still have room for a secret message. Having said that, however, like you, I have had some quirky and weird dreams over the years and I think we would all like some explanations.
The expert was saying our dreams are our subconscious telling us things and trying to sort things out, to keep us sane. Well, how can I put this, I reckon it only has limited success at that in many cases! She said there are many common themes in dreams and she has compiled a top 100. Typically, I was amused when she said to a phone-in caller that 'Going to the loo in public is our number 2'. How appropriate, you couldn't make it up!
She also said that every character, even people we recognise, in our dreams is an aspect of ourselves. Makes you wonder if multiple personality disorder isn't greatly underdiagnosed, if my dreams are anything to go by. Moreover, she said recurring dreams are your subconscious telling you more and more loudly to sort something out. Well, ok, but I seriously doubt if Dame Judy Dench will go along with the idea of a wild night of passion, but I'll send her a text and see where it goes from there!
At least these days, the experts don't slavishly ramble on about Freud's theories of linking just about everything to 'the other', you know the 'How's your father?' (If you haven't got it by now, I'm not going to spell it out, unlike Freud!)
One reassuring thing, in a way, was that she said that it was unlikely that individuals had premonitions about world events, just before they happened. A study was carried out after 9/11, when a number of people dreamt just before of images they felt related to the 'Twin Towers'. The conclusion was that a tiny percentage will have dreams that seem to refer to the event, when you consider that every human being has 4 dream sessions per night! So, we don't have to fear our dreams, just sort out our issues when we are awake.
Thought I was getting to grips with this subject, then I heard a synopsis of the new movie, Inception, and now I'm confused again!
Anyway, got to fly, I have just got a text reply and it might be Dame Judy. In the meantime, happy dreams!

Yours dreamily yet wide awake

The blogging Gogfather

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