Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Bright Idea just Struck me!

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Thoughtful Tuesday to you all!
I've just had a bright idea. I'll chat to you about some people who have had bright ideas. Unlike mine, they should, in many cases, have kept them to themselves. I often wonder how many inventions come to a person, just like an unexpected thunderbolt or lightning strike, just out of the blue, when they were getting on with the ordinary things of life. Is it the case that Newton was musing about his meat and two veg(his dinner, what do you think I meant?), when the apple struck his conk? And did he say, 'Core, that must be gravity!'
Is the rumour true that Alexander Graham Bell found that the line was engaged, when he first rang? Furthermore, is it concievable that his colleague eventually answered and said, 'Whoever you are, go away, I've already got double-glazing?
My simple theory is that there are two types of bright spark inventor- the prof type who locks himself away for years trying to invent something in particular. He gets his meals pushed under the door by a housekeeper called Mrs Hudson. He will have long white hair and beard and if he is lucky, someday he shouts 'Eureka'!

Although, I think if you ran stark naked from your bath these days, shouting eureka, your charge for flashing while acting like a looney would come up next week. I should know-I've tried it a few times over the years!
The other kind of inventor simply trips over a discovery and then takes the credit, much like a boss who pinches his staff members' ideas when he likes them! Of course, there are just some great minds like Einstein, Hawking etc and blokes with super ideas like the Dyson guy.
I myself hope someone will invent clothes that self-launder and food that prepares itself, and I am still awaiting that car they promised that would drive itself and let me put my feet up and listen to Frank Sinatra, singing My Way!
The guys, of course that select and help a lot of new inventors are the 'Dragons' Den ' dudes. It really is hilarious to watch bonkers ideas and deluded souls getting the steely eye and then shown the door. There are some little gems, where they don't say, 'I think you're cracked, so I'm out' and that's good, but sometimes I think they should remember their Levi Roots and recall life at the bottom of the food chain!
Befor I go and wrestle with my non-stick frying pan, which incidentally was an off-shoot of the Space programme(So, it wasn't all a waste of time then--that movie they made of the space landing! Conspiracy theory paranoia? Me? Who said that?), I want to tell you of a true and serious eco proposal from the news.

 The idea is to turn sewage into methane gas to run cars. Amazingly, it is odourless and cheap to run. Some wag suggested it could be fuelled directly by the owner to cut out the middle-man. Don't know about you, but I think the whole idea is a pile of bull****! Anyway, what do I know? I thought that television and phones would never catch on!
Yours brightly yet strikingly

The blogging Gogfather
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