Friday, 6 August 2010

Mr William has his feet firmly on the ground?

Physicist Stephen Hawking in Zero Gravity NASAImage via WikipediaFun-filled Friday to my lovely Readers!
As you know, I am a senior citizen and inevitably a little more cautious than I was as a young buck. You could say that I'm normally quite reserved and cautious and have my feet firmly planted on the ground.
 I must say, though, that I am still full of fun and adventure. I want to try new things. I told you yesterday that I have taken up base-jumping over buildings. As usual, I have started small. I will mount and descend my doorstep, without the aid of a safety net!
Why should Stephen Hawking and Richard 'Branston Pickle' have all the fun. Once my lottery win comes in, I will air-balloon around the globe and go weightless in the Virgin space-flight! Unlike the balloon(I don't mean Dicky Branson), I am not just full of hot air!
 In the meantime, I might just go to Vegas, make some dosh on the slot machines and visit the Star Trek Convention. William Shatner and I are so alike in many ways. I will collar him at the event and tell him. We both have the need of a good 'rug', both are well past our sell-by date and have made something of ourselves with a tiny speck of talent. Also, we don't take ourselves too seriously.
Thinking of my tonsure, you know the old 'hair today and gone tomorrow'? Well, I forgot to tell you the other day about a time when my feet were not firmly on the ground and I took my life in my hands! I went to a men's barber's. They had about five male hair dressers and advertised that there was no waiting. I innocently shimmied in, as I was in a hurry, and took a seat.
 I noticed that everyone was being served but one barber was clearly being avoided by the punters. Anyway, I had a little snooze and suddenly a customer tapped me on the arm and said I was next. I jumped up and into the chair for the barber. I could hear muffled guffaws and chortles behind me. I later realised that they had sent me into the lion's den-my barber was known as 'Sweeney Todd of old Belfast town', more Jack the Ripper than Vidal Sassoon.
 His hands shook so much that they were a blur. Years of drinking alcohol instead of water had given the poor guy the shakes, but the boss obviously wanted to give him the dignity of work. Trouble was, this was before 'Elf 'n Safety came into our lives. I escaped with a nicked ear and a Mohican instead of the short back and sides. Trust me, I was less scared the day the army told us we were going into no-man's land and we all sang 'Abide with Me'!
Anyway, got to go. Checking to see if Ryanair fly to Vegas! Live long and prosper!
Yours older yet not wiser

The blogging Gogfather
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