Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mr William is not seeing the funny side today

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A thoughtful Thursday to you all!
Yours truly has decided to be serious today, because not everything in life is funny. I hope you will understand my sentiment when you read on. Two news items transfixed me today.
 Firstly, our Deputy First  Minister in Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness, former second in command of the Provisional IRA, tells us that it is time the republican dissidents 'woke up and smelt the roses'.
 Leaving aside the enormous irony of the situation, I would say that if the dissidents do not desist, some poor soul's relatives will have to wake up some morning and smell the fresh lilies, to be placed on a coffin. Maybe that will give you some idea of the atmosphere currently in this small province! Let's hope that anyone who can influence the situation for the better will do so and fast!

The other story relates to a young teenage girl, Robyn Nixon, age 15, who ended her life last year by jumping from the top of a multi-storey carpark in Weymouth, West Dorset, England. She had been the subject of "psychological bullying" for 18 months by school students, even receiving taunts when she was on a family holiday. She had been 'excluded' by friends and had broken up with her boyfriend shortly before her death.
 I don't intend to dwell on the possible reasons brought out at the inquest and I am not going to speculate on who could have helped prevent this tragedy, if that had been possible. The bullying was, of course, inexcusable, but the coroner kept his most searing comment for some of the passers-by, who decided to take mobile phone pictures of the dying girl. He said this made him "worried about humanity". Personally, I will say that I am appalled, sickened and incensed at the inhumanity of these particular excuses for humans!

The view from my armchair is that a society, where schools and parents tolerate or fail to effectively tackle cyber and all other types of bullying, and tolerate young people calling everything they dislike or disrespect 'Gay', will never properly safeguard it's most precious members- its children and its future!
Moreover, the coroner called the actions of those who took photos, 'Shabby'. Maybe it is time we all took a long hard look at our moral values and what we are teaching our young people. Some people seem to have no moral compass whatsoever. Why? Failure to address this will lead to more totally bankrupt actions, like the tragic case of Robyn.
I make no apology for this blog, as humour and happiness can only be appreciated, if we have the humanity to feel pain and sadness.
Yours solemnly yet ever hopeful

The blogging Gogfather
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