Friday, 13 August 2010

Mr William is Soldiering on!

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Fantastic Friday to you all!

I know I was really serious yesterday and I wouldn't want any of you to think I had lost my sense of humour. No, that's never going to happen! I love life and fun, but I will feel the pain of others and will say what I think. What else would a diarist of our times do?

I will always look out and look up towards what is beautiful and best, but I am like a pilgrim on a journey. That sounds high-falutin' but aren't we all?

Today, I have been reading my hero's autobiography, "Hello", by the great Leslie Phillips. Like me, he would describe himself as an 'Officer and almost a Gentleman'! He and I were both army officers, but we both had and have an eye for the ladies! I may be 86, but I keep everything, including my upper lip well and truly starched! You see, that's what military service does for you. I still rise at dawn, fully at attention and salute any flag in my vicinity! It doesn't matter if I go to bed at 9pm or 4 am, it's my duty!

I still have a military bearing like Leslie, but I gave up the facial hair, as it started to interfere with my enjoyment of soup, and the ladies complained of chafing!

After boarding school and army life, I am now mostly alone, but never lonely! Ladies still flock to my door. I say, 'Helloooo!', but soon we mutually say, 'Good-byeee!'
A couple of memoirs of my own to share. I was a British Gurkha officer, which is why Joanna Lovely is eternally in my good books and vice-versa! I was stationed in India and several things abide with me. One was the stunning scenery and the fabulous mountains. Another was the incredible railway journeys, but above all the beautiful people I encountered--the Gurkha soldiers and particularly my men, who would have died for me, but mostly just made me smile and watched my back!
One time I had just one drink too many of local hootch and got on a train to who knows where. I could have been robbed, but I woke up the next day and my batman was making breakfast beside me in the train, and believe me, he had one hand on the kukuri sheath! Before you ask, yes, the rumour is true. A Gurkha will only draw his kukuri to spill blood and he will smile and tell you to nod your head and you can guess the rest!

The other incident that sticks in my craw is the day we all had to have a rabies injection, when a rabid dog came in to our compound. It took three painful injections into the stomach to immunize you. We all rolled about on the ground for days in agony. Better than death!
So, there you are, Mr William has had an exciting life and now is quite happy to chat about his adventures. Let's face it, there's a lot to reminisce about!
Off now to read more about Mr Leslie. He's making the memories flood back!

Yours boldly yet reminiscingly

The blogging Gogfather
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