Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mr William is responsible for his own actions!

A Truthful Tuesday to you all!
You know, we all have to look ourselves in the eyes everyday, when we look in the mirror. I, like everyone else have made mistakes: sometimes I was bad, occasionally a little intoxicated, foolish or whatever. I have said sorry more times than just about any other phrase.
 Sometimes, though, I claim it wasn't my fault- it was just a mistake, a misunderstanding and maybe no-one accepts or believes that! My point is, ignorance or foolishness is not a defence before the law; I feel we have to take responsibility for our actions and not try to shift the blame or tell ourselves soothing lies!
Anyway, I have been thinking about responsibility. Now that I'm 86, I forget things and tend to get confused in the heat of the moment. Is this a crime? Surely not! Nevertheless, I still must accept responsibility for what I do!
Talk about being forgetful, this morning, like many other mornings, someone arrived when I was leaving the house. I can't always remember when people are coming. This time, it was the window-cleaner, and in the heat of the moment, I locked myself out.
 Well, I was about to phone 999 or my daughter for the spare key(Whichever was handier and quicker!), when the window-cleaner managed  to climb in through an open window round the back and let me in. He mumbled something about security and burglars. I told him he was lucky I had the foresight to leave that window open for him. He looked confused. So, as you can see, I am someone who sees things clearly and realises my responsibilities!
See in the paper that Tony Blair is giving the possible  £5m revenue from his memoir to the British Legion. Seems like a legion of commentators and those who see him as a warmonger, are seeing this as an admission of guilt and almost 'blood money'. Well, from my armchair, I venture to suggest that the former PM is acting honourably and has always been willing to be accountable for the momentous decisions he has made. Comment below?( Otherwise, I don't know if you are reading my blog and your opinion on what I say. I take full responsibility for my opinions, even if I am wrong, I am sincerely wrong!)

Funny to see that Mr Clegg has popped up now Cameron is away on hols. It is like Smithers speaking his mind when Mr Burns is away! He is making some tortuous argument about Trident renewal and people on benefits. If you figure out what he is saying, can you let me know? I like a laugh! I think he is just reminding us that he is there and holds a position of responsibilty. Believe me, Cameron will hold him responsible for what he says, when he comes back to run the 'Nuclear Installation' that is the Coalition!

Can someone also tell me why they won't let Jade rest in peace? Now someone wants to use her in an ad. Has decency become an alien concept? Talking of people for whom decency is an alien concept, I hear that the days of dodgy wheelclampers are numbered. Thank the Lord! At least pirates used to send a shot across your bows before they came on board to ravish your women and plunder your cargo! These guys put up a tiny warning sign, then waited till someone trundled off in their wheelchair or something; then they pounced and held your car hostage until you came up with the ransom. Daylight robbery!

Motorbike thieves in England got away as the police decided, under Health and Safety legislation, that they could not pursue the robbers as the miscreants were not wearing helmets. Well, that beats all! Is it not the responsibility of the police to catch law-breakers and protect the citizenry? What do you think?
A top doctor says that drugs should be legalised to reduce crime. Government has rejected this. Opinions?

One young lady who acted irresponsibly in any one's book, is the young pop singer from Germany , who knew she was HIV positive and continued to have unprotected sex with a number of men. She may be jailed for 10 years. Does it matter that she claims that her life was a mess?
Finally, best wishes to Michael Douglas, who has throat cancer. Surely, finding a cure for cancer is a prime responsibility for us all!
Right, I'm off now to sort out my house keys. I'm sure it was that blinking window-cleaner's fault!
Yours confusedly yet always on the ball

The blogging Gogfather!

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