Monday, 30 August 2010

Mr William sees Angels?

Meditative Monday to you all!
Yours truly loves cowboy movies, because they are tales of good and evil. The good triumphs and the good guys often have white hats and the bad buys are in black. Now, of course, this is a generalisation and does not mean that everything is black and white, or even that black is a bad colour and white is intrinsically good. If that were right, then Johnny Cash would not be as loved as he is, although, of course, we do like his darker unpredictable side!
What I am saying is that, pictorially, I want to look up to higher things and metaphorically, I want to be a guy who wears a 'white hat'. Are you with me, guys? I don't mean to be obscure for a Monday morning, because, actually , I feel light as a feather. This reminds me of angels. I want to be on the same side as the angels. Feathers,? Well, some people say that if you see a feather, it means an angel is near and you are protected.
 It's a lovely thought and I won't ever knock such things. After all, when my dear wife died, a little robin came to my bedroom window every morning for weeks and I genuinely felt comforted, as if it meant that my dear one was telling me that she was in paradise and I should not fear! There you are. Mr William is not entirely a 'gog', grumpy ol' goat/git.
 No, I always feel that my life and soul is safely held under God's wings and I will one day sing with the angels--if they will let me. I've heard that they look upon everyone as making a joyful noise, but I have neighbours , who might get up a petition in heaven, if they heard my singing for eternity, or maybe that's what happens in the other place-my singing is piped down to them as a torture, and 'I beg of you, pipe down' is what they would cry for ever!
Anyway, goodness is all about the intentions of your heart and how that is shown in your life. Can people see kindness and generosity? It's not about perfection and obeying lots of rules laid down by religious types. So, I want to wear a white hat in this imperfect world. In other words, I will try to be kind and make whatever small changes/contributions I can. That's the intention of my heart and mind and I look to God for the strength to do it!
Before I sign off this thoughtful blog, I wanted to mention a couple of things I have observed, where people are not wearing white hats. Drug and arms dealers, pimps and people-traffickers, murderers and sexual and violent people of all sorts. How can these things ever be justified? You say, of course, that this is obvious, but what about all those dubious acts we overlook or say are grey areas? Our streets are full of rubbish;how can someone justify throwing something down at their feet? We sit and worry about house prices, while 1 million more people are displaced by new flooding in Pakistan. Where does our heart lie? People keep dangerous dogs and then children are killed. Is there an excuse? NHS are not feeding older people properly in hospitals, according to a charity. How can this be?
Even the most famous man in a white hat needs to look carefully at his heart. The Pope wishes safe rescue to the Chilean miners. Good, but what is he doing or has he done to protect vulnerable children in the Catholic Church?
Anyway, off now to do a copycat 'Spiderman' climb of the tallest building in Sydney. If he can do it, why can't I?
Yours meditatively yet always looking up

The blogging Gogfather!

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