Friday, 27 August 2010

Mr William is a Daffy Duck?

Looking down 2Image by Julie70 via Flickr

Fun-packed Friday to you in cyber world!
I love picking these pics for you each day. One shows you graphically that yours truly will search down into the profound to seek out the meaning of the universe, and the other represents my realisation that I am simply a daffy duck, looking up from my paddling pool existence to the heavens above.
Either way, you can be sure that my eyes are open and I will give my opinion. My daughter keeps telling me that I am too honest! I will always say exactly what I think, but I never wish to offend. My motto is that life is too short to faff about and honest directness has generally served me well. Mind you, since I have reached octogenarian status, I have lost my inhibition gene, and occasionally a lady or her significant other have made me wonder if I was cruisin' for a bruisin', know what I mean? Not all ladies want to be flirted with by a matinee idol. Can't understand why, but that's life!
Anyway, I am going to continue to be frank(and you can be Earnest-old ones are the best!). When a lady coyly asks me if her bum looks big in something, I say yes, if it is - and let's be honest, it generally does. What they don't get is that I am only trying to help. I love ladies of all shapes and sizes, just like I love life with all it's little imperfections. Stretchmarks don't bother me, ladies, just arrogance- that's what I don't like, although I reserve the right to be a bit up myself!
Also, when my cleaner recently asked me, if she was being stupid about something, I told her she was. She seemed non-plussed, mumbling something about my ravings and what an old carmudgeonly git I'd become. She loves me really; it's her sense of humour! Well, I hope you can see that Mr William is a straight talker and the world will be a better place for it!
Here are some opinions on the news items. Taliban targeting relief charity workers in Pakistan--lowest of the low! Taliban target Cameron's chopper--obvious contract job by  a desparate organisation that will stop at nothing- yes, Clegg and the Lib Dems! Miracle baby saved in OZ by mum's cuddle--mother's love is so amazing! Mums in Uk allowing their kids in too many cases, to either roam the streets or become obese(I am not sure if you can do both at the same time?). NHS bill for obesity surgery now £46bn--many mothers, and dads for that matter, should remember that loving a child means caring for it's health for life!
Channel4 plans an offering named, 'Beauty and the Beast'. Apparently features a 'pretty' person and a disabled person--new depths being plumbed? It will be the Roman circuses soon- the old , 'Give the poor bread and circuses and that will stop them being revolting!' Sorry, that should have read, revolting, not being revolting, but I think I will leave it! In the same vein, some weirdo is bringing out a show that features a story- line and images redolent of the Jamie Bulger horror. Words fail me!
Talking of words failing me, I see X Factor is back in all its ignominy. Now we have voice tampering and a mentally ill singer. Clearly heading up market every series. Wondered if the rumour was true that Simon 'Boo Hiss' Cowell bought in the voice fixing gear, when he realised that Ginger Spice might want to squawk? Meanwhile, video game makers unapologetically promote a game called, 'Medal of Honor'. It allows our morally challenged adults to pretend to be the Nato troops or the Taliban in Afghanistan and they can happily annihilate each other. I am tempted to say that I hope they do annihilate each other for real, but I would be allowing my anger to make me just as deranged as they are . Secondary issue is that adults are buying these games for infants and you can only guess at what this does to their vulnerable minds!
Finally, I realise why I am such a daffy duck. Seems the GCSE and A level results are getting better each year. Obviously, people are getting smarter. Therefore, an ol' git like me must be as thick as champ--stands to reason? Although I see that Lineker's progeny didn't quite make the grade. That made Gary prick up his ears. What do you mean, they were like that before? Nooo! At least thousands of students who have to wait for a uni place are doing voluntary work abroad. Hope for the next generation there!
Off now for a bath. that rubber duck pic reminded me that it has been some months or is it years since I took the plunge. Well, this armchair is comfy and I have lost my sense of smell, thankfully!

Yours jauntily yet with a nose for the bizarre

The blogging Gogfather!

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  1. Come on tweeps. When I get out of my bath after playing with my rubber duck, I will expect to see some comments.
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