Saturday, 21 August 2010

Mr William is High on Life

Surreal Saturday to you all!
You see, it's hard to explain, but I am definitely high on life, and no,I haven't been at the cooking sherry, magic mushrooms, wacky baccy or any other artificial stimulant you can think of! No, as I was trying to say to my daughter the other day, when Iwas merrily whistling a happy tune, ( Lady Gaga or Leonard Cohen or somebody like that!), I have always been jolly and find pleasure in the littlest things ( As the actress said to the bishop)!

I had fun as a child and was probably a bit of a jolly rascal from my mum's perspective. Many's a time, she had to haul my bacon out of the fire, only to roast it again, when she got me home! That broken window was not my fault; I was aiming my catapault at his green house- the one with the prize tomatos. I ended up with a tomato coloured behind!

I was ecstatic at boarding school.volunteered for everything andso I ended up as captain of the rugby team and head boy. I think they just liked my enthusiasm! I played the lead in the school play and no, it wasn't our production of 'Lassie come home' -Lassie, lead, --never mind! No' it was an Agatha Christie job and I was Poirot. I had to learn a 10 page speech for the reveal/dénouement, you know the telling you 'whodunnit'(Who decided to use rubbish grammar for such a posh genre?). Anyway, it all went off well and I got a standing ovation. I think that's what it was; they got up as one person, clapped slowly and started throwing eggs and tomato sandwiches at the stage. I said we shouldn't have laid on a buffet! Thing is , I remembered all of that , now I can't even recall the name of the play, but I digress.

In my army life and in every job, I always volunteered. It's probably good for me that I wasn't in the First World War or this blog would not exist, unless you received it through a medium. I am actively considering developing some sort of 'app' to allow my musings to continue for my loyal followers,should it happen that my genes and enthusiasm let me down some day and I have to go on that final wonderful adventure!

Anyway, before I get maudlin, Iwanted to say that seeking fullness of life and saying yes to every adventure is always better than self medicating to ease the pain  and struggle of life. Whatever opportunity comes your way today, give it a go. What have you got to lose? We all have to go some day anyway. Might as well go out with a bang, rather than a whimper!
I'm off. I have a great day planned. Bird-watching at the duck pond( and yes that misunderstanding with a lady sunbathing has been cleared up. She eventually accepted my explanation that I was trying to focus on the mating blue tits behind her) and later I might admire my garden and read the paper. Oh yes, and will ring Dicky 'Branston' Pickle, to see if he will take me on his next round the world balloon trip. Wish me luck?
Yours excitedly yet with clear focus

The blogging Gogfather!


  1. Great, Mr William. Maybe some of your twitter followers would like to post the odd comment--the odder, the better.
    Does this mean I'm schizoid, commenting on my own blog?

  2. Thanks for making us laugh Mr William. You don't miss much from your armchair!!!