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Mr William is reading too much into things?

The Bride and GroomImage by Brandon Christopher Warren via FlickrA Mindful Monday to you all!

You know sometimes, it's difficult to get the whole picture in perspective. Often, appearances can be deceptive and you can't tell what is real and what is made up. That's why I liked this photo.
So, I have been reading my Telegraph from cover to cover and I really must get out of the armchair when I finish chatting to you or rigor mortis will set in again. Again, you say? Well, there was that unfortunate incident I may have told you about, where I took the one-day trial for cryogenic freezing. Well, it was free and I did it on the same basis as I buy all the bogof -buy one, get one free- offers ie it's too tempting to miss a bargain, even if there are unwanted consequences. With the freezing, the consequences were quite dramatic. It took me 3 days to thaw out. There are still water marks all over the carpet, as they trollied me home on day 2. When I eventually came round, I thought it must be 2060 because the Conservatives were back in power. (I went in on election day). There are no residual side effects, as far as I know, although people tell me I occasionally black out, but don't remember a thing............oh, what was I saying?
Anyway, back to the newspaper. I now read that the glorious Coalition have taken on ex Labour Cabinet Minister, Alan Milburn, to  advise on Social Mobility. That will be useful, as a report today suggests that the Midlands have disappeared in a 'New North/South divide!' He is doing it for free. Cameron probably reckons this is a great wheeze, 'Let's get everyone in the UK to work for free!' Prezza Prescott, former Labour 'attack dog' Deputy PM, says Milburn is a 'Collaborator'. Surely that's a bit strong!
On the one hand, Coalitions lead to helpful compromise and new politics; on the other hand, it is like 'new age' pick and mix religion, where you can believe what you like? Comment below? Maybe, it's a case of the much quoted comment, 'If you don't like my morals and ethics, I have lots of others you might like!'
Talking of morality and politics, I see that Doctor Kelly's inquest (The man at the centre of the UK political storm when he died during the heat of controversy over the Iraq War) has returned a verdict of 'inconclusive'. You can draw your own conclusions then!
I read that trees will be planted beside busy roads at regular intervals, in order to slow drivers down, by giving an illusion of great speed. I think it will give drivers panic attacks or put them to sleep!
Libya celebrates Maghrahie surviving a year after his release. is the the unacceptably high price of oil?
Dead cows are being cloned to ultimately end up in the foodchain. Is this ethical? Apparently, the US Govt. have said yes and the UK is thinking about it. Surely, this could be seen as a 'sacred cow'?
A widow, aged 70 may face fines of £2500 for dropping cig ash on the ground. No butts! 'Burning' question is, what you would be charged if you dropped ya loved one's ashes on the way home from the crem?

Final story is sensitive and a little bizarre, but nevertheless, it's true. Some UK local councils, through Social Services are funding a young man with learning difficulties, to go to Amsterdam to have sex with a prostitute. The money is coming form a £500 million budget called, 'Putting People First'. It is designed to help disabled people have the best possible quality of life. Some wag has already dubbed this, 'Helping People Come First!'
 Well, I have so many questions about the morality of this and I am sure you do as well. My view from my armchair, and I have been in a wheelchair at times, as had my wife, what should come first, (unfortunate unavoidable pun!) wheelchairs , much needed equipment and all the other shortfalls for the disabled  or sex holidays? This is taking 'Disabled Access ' too far! Yes, help everyone in society to have dignity and support financially as needed, but this is faintly ridiculous.
Although, I wonder if they are offering freebies for the elderly. My dating agency has drawn a blank!
Must go and read up on that.
Yours searchingly yet humanely

The blogging Gogfather

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